5 Reasons why a/c system checks are necessary before the summer

As summer and the more humid months approach, having a properly functioning A/C system in your home is essential. No one wants to come home to a hot, uncomfortable home after a long day at work, especially when it’s 90 degrees outdoors! Take the precautionary steps of escaping the intense Tampa heat we all know and dislike by first reading these reasons why A/C system checks are necessary before the summer heat makes a bigger impact in your home. 

Ensures functionality

During the winter months, A/C systems are not used the same way they are used in the brutal summer months. While it is not fully used in cooler months, natural wear and tear of parts can occur. When our Red Cap team checks your system, we will see and fix the parts that are not functioning properly to ensure your system is working to its highest capability. Now you can rest easy knowing that your A/C system works properly and will do so all summer long.

Improves air quality

Every home has it’s mix of dust, dirt, and maybe even mold. Getting an A/C system check will keep your air quality in check. The air inside homes is recirculated, meaning that all the dust, dirt, and other airborne pollutants just get pushed from room to room. Our team will take a closer look at your air ducts and coils and provide a deeper cleaning.

Decreases utility bills

When professionals, like our Red Cap team, visit your home to check your A/C system before the summer, there is a greater chance your next utility bill will be less! How is this the case, you might be asking? Well, by maintaining a properly functioning system, your home will run more efficiently while costing you less. When there is a problem with your system, it may be overcompensating and working too hard, which would naturally increase your monthly bills.

Improves efficiency

When a system is not cleaned properly, it cannot operate at its full potential. Similar to a person that may not get enough sleep, they won’t be able to do as much the next day as they may like. It’s possible your system is working even harder to try and reach its full potential, causing more problems along the way. For your system to last longer down the road, energy savings and limited damage is necessary.

Confirms preventative maintenance

There’s nothing worse than having to repair your A/C during our hottests months. By having your system inspected before the summer officially begins, you can skip the stress of sweating in your home! In return, your system will work perfectly all season long. Catching problems before they become larger issues will save you money and time!

Moving forward, getting an A/C system check is very crucial in the Tampa heat. Avoid the worst outcomes possible and rely on our Red Cap Comfort to get you through the humid weather ahead. Contact Red Cap today to get an A/C System Check today by calling us at (813) 452-5983 or visiting us online at redcapinfo.com/ac-system-check!